3D Cozy Fireplace Screen Saver

3D Cozy Fireplace Screen Saver 2.0

3D Cozy Fireplace Screen Saver, sit back and enjoy a nostalgic log burning
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Don't you just love sitting in front of a nice and warm fireplace? Just watching could be enough, but if you add the sound of the wood as it burns, the relaxing effect is complete. You don't have a fireplace at home? Don't worry.

3D Cozy Fireplace Screen Saver puts a warm fireplace on your screen.

This beautiful screen saver will let you sit down in your most comfortable armchair or couch, and spend hours just sitting there, without doing anything. Just stare at the flames, the logs, the fireplace decoration and even the smoke.

You will see every detail in each element. The graphics are so realistic that you can almost smell the smoke that slowly rises from the burning wood.

The noises are fantastic, too. The crackling of the burning logs adds to the realism of the scene, so you really feel immersed in that place.

3D Cozy Fireplace Screen Saver has many configurable options for you to set according to your desires.
You can modify the size of the flames; decide if you want to have smoke rising up, choose among different fireplaces, and more.

You will surely spend a long time watching this screen saver. It will be your favorite aid to make you really relax.

Fernando Soni
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